BlocBoy JB Explains ‘Blow You Like a Flute’ Line on ‘Look Alive’ Feat. Drake (Part 4)

BlocBoy JB Explains 'Blow You Like a Flute' Line on 'Look Alive' Feat. Drake (Part 4)

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Memphis-born -----------------------
rapper BlocBoy JB spoke to VladTV about how his breakout track "Look Alive" with Drake came about. He explained that Drake was the one who reached out to him on Instagram, and things fell into place from there. 

While BlocBoy JB admits that he hasn't had time to sit down and assess his newfound fame, he says that he's gotten a lot of hate from people after the song blew up. To hear more, including his explanation of the "Blow you like a flute" line on the song, hit the above clip.